Which Method Will Work Best For You?

What may work for your friends and family may or may not work for you. You have to ask yourself what is your conditions, motivation at this point in your life. I hope to present general information for the audience at large which may be of interest/help to you. You may not benefit from this information at this time for reasons beyond my knowledge or control.

What I ask you to consider is where am I today, how did I get here and where would I like to be. Look at the different directions available and find a few that interest you and try them out. Remember you didn’t get here overnight, noticeable change will not happen overnight either. Try to focus on subtle changes in how you feel and then give some time for yourself and others to notice changes in how you look. If that direction doesn’t work you may need to try something else or possibly a combination of methods.

Speaking of methods; the main methods of weight loss are:



I will try to break the first three down in the pages that follow. Each has several categories which may go into sub-categories as well and of course there may be some overlap and combining going on.

The last one, Surgery will receive little attention because by its nature it is accompanied by a physician that should chose it for you because of specific condition and need.

Welcome to the Journey for a Healthier, Happier You.

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